The Sarah Warren Band is steeped in the bluesy, country rock style that has never gone away, and will always be popular with crowds looking for a great time!


Sarah has undoubtedly got one of the best voices in the UK, and has blown crowds away with the power of her delivery.

The SWB were formed around 15 years ago, after a collaboration between Sarah and songwriter Nick Lyndon, and developed into a storming live band, with Stu Field, Rich Shelton and Simon Picken the founder members. Scores of gigs and festivals followed, together with 2 albums of covers and some great original songs, that really stood up in the live arena.

With a new line up for 2022, including Nick and Sarah, Ed Taylor on drums, Phil Basterfield on guitars and Dave Williams on keys, it's a re-birth of the band with some fresh takes on what was a brilliant live show. We KNOW it's going to be a great time moving forward, and we can't wait to get started.

Good music, played well, will always have an audience, and the band have the 'years on the road' experience to make sure that each gig is a memorable one!

Some of the songs we play.....they may not all be instantly recognisable....but you will hear them and think, WOW, I know how that goes, I remember that one!

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