The Buzzin Hornets

An Introduction


Back in the late 1980's and early 90's, noises started to come out of the Grand Prix racing paddocks around the world. Not racing engines, but something just as good! Great music!

Drummer Ed Taylor worked as a tyre technician and truck driver in Formula One. Having played the drums for many years, he decided to find some like minded individuals in the paddock, who could play a bit of something on a musical instrument, the idea being that it could all be a bit of fun, something to break up the long hours that had to be worked at times.

It turned out that several different guys from different teams all had some very real talent, and very quickly, a band was formed, and The Pitstop Boogie Boys were born!

A guitarist from Lotus, Chris Dinnage, a bass player from Brabham, Paul 'Meathead' LeSeur, a tyre fitter from Goodyear, Tiz Tizley, a Tyrell truckie called Denny Baker, whose cousin was legendary Cream drummer, Ginger Baker, and last but not least, a young James Allen, now known around the world as an F1 commentator and broadcaster, took the lead vocals!

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A very enthusiastic Eddie Jordan also joined the band on drums and percussion, together with ex Frank Zappa percussionist and American F1 journalist, George Goad. We also had the Boogie Babes, including Louise Goodman, and the McLaren girls!

The band played a few low key gigs at the circuits, and then took the plunge with a fabulous open air show in Estoril in Portugal, where it was rumoured that around 3000 people attended......maybe not that many, but a huge turnout of curious locals and almost all of the F1 paddock!

The band also featured none other than Leo Sayer on vocals and harmonica!


Further gigs followed in Japan and Australia, where several very high profile musicians, drivers, team owners, celebrities and rock stars would frequently get up and join the band. Damon Hill, Johnny Herbert, Martin Brundle....Chris Rea was always around, and many other well known celebrities would be part of the fun.

This led to bigger and bigger crowds watching and joining in at post Grand Prix parties, and many other events where the band needed little encouragement to get up and play!

Throughout subsequent years, Eddie Jordan formed several bands to entertain both himself and ever larger audiences at many events around the world. One of these bands was called the Buzzin Hornets for a short time, and this band played at the Donington spectacular, arranged by the Jordan F1 team, and featured a reunited Thin Lizzy, and a very young Westlife!!

The Buzzin Hornets were named after the Jordan F1 Team, before it moved on to become V10 and then Eddie and the Robbers. 

The Jordan team was sold in 2005, and essentially, the 'party team' the 'rock and roll' team of the paddock was no more.

It seems appropriate now, in 2018, 25 years on from the original band, that we resurrect the name, the Buzzin Hornets, to go and play some gigs and events to hark back to good times and to maybe create a new vibe for new fans who never saw the original band. 

There is a lot of affection and awareness for the image, the Buzzin Hornets 'brand' and we hope to recreate some of that great feelgood factor with some great musicians playing great music! The band will be a movable feast of musicians, but with a main core of terrific players all ready to get the party started!

Come along for the ride!!

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